Unruly is not just a service for clients and stylists, it’s a community! To make sure everyone on our platform is happy, we have to do some vetting. Here’s what happens next:

  1. We’ll review your submission to assess if you meet our minimal requirements:
    1. licensed (if your state requires it)
    2. experienced in styling both natural and relaxed hair
    3. enjoy working outside of the salon/on location
  2. Chat with us! If you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch with you to schedule a brief call where we can get to know you more and you can get to know us and determine if we’re a good fit for you!
  3. Show us what you got! Part of the value we offer our clients is making sure the stylist they’re matched with is great at what they do. So, the final step in our process will be for you to demo your skills.

Thanks again for your submission; we’ll be in touch if you’re a good fit!

In the meantime please review our service prices to make sure they’re a fit for you and also learn more about us here.