summer bae blues

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Photo taken at AfroPunk Fest 2014. The subject of the photo is NOT the author’s boo.

– by Ieshia McDonald, Contributor

Summer’s over and it’s time to rid ourselves of summer flings and complicated situations. I don’t know what it is about the summer that makes you hopeful that seasonal boos could become potential soul mates, but I can’t help but notice that summer time may be the new “cuffing” season (see Urban Dictionary definition here).

But just as soon as a golden summer turns into a copper autumn, those summer romances will slowly diminish. Don’t worry though; I’ve got some pointers to help you get over your summer romance!

1. If you are following them on more than one social media outlet, drop the others and choose only one.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, all are wonderful tools used to connect with people everywhere at any time, but they are also devices of evil. These applications allow one to snoop and find pictures, words and videos that they really didn’t want to see. Trust me on this ladies. If you’re really trying to get over someone, limit yourself to being “friends” with that person on only one social media outlet.

2. Express your deep feelings about your romance to your friends rather than the him/her that you’re trying to get over.

If you truly want to get over your fling, you must treat it as such. I’m all for expressing your feelings but try running it by your closest friends before pouring out your heart to a temporary boo. Rejection is never fun to endure.

3. Ponder on the reality of them and not the memory.

One thing that will keep you in the past is reminiscing on the beginning of the relationship. Of course, those are the best memories because you both were trying to impress the other and were spending time together consistently. Every relationship usually has a great start, but you cannot concentrate on this. Instead try thinking about why it was just a fling and what changed.

4. Slowly become inconsistent.

Nothing proves your disinterest in a person more than inconsistency. Tell your summer lover that you need space. They should be able to understand. Remember, it’s easier to get over someone when communication is cut off.

5. Accept the situation for what it was and grow from it.

Although the romance between you two was short lived, take something from it and grow from it. What would you do differently to prevent yourself from getting hurt? Or if it didn’t end in the worse way, think about the cons and pros of the relationship and use it to gain perspective.

With these tips hopefully you’ll be on your way to getting over your summer boo because who knows what (or whom) the autumn, winter and spring may bring!

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