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This week for hair inspiration we’re taking a look at afro bangs. And who better to lead the charge than the reigning celebrity queen of the ‘fro, singer Solange Knowles.

Solange has rocked her fair share of hair styles. She’s cut off her hair, grown it back and cut it off again. Since around 2010 she’s been sporting kinky styles–both with her own hair and with the aid of a few lovely afro wigs, one of which got searched by the TSA. Today, however, we’re taking a look at the various ways she’s added a little bang to her kinks.


Here Solange banged it up with a medium length fluffy ‘fro. She added a pair rockstar-esque glasses, creating a real incognito look. The nice thing about an afro with bangs is it can have a slimming effect on your face since it’s totally engulfing and can either hide or emphasize the shape of your face; this is true for women with oblong or rectangular face shapes.


Keeping with a too-cool-for-school tone, Solange lets what appears to be her natural tresses roam free. The bang here isn’t a clearly defined one but is more a seamless extension of her short locks pulled forward. The glasses still add a disguised feel to the total ensemble, but the short length of her hair gives the look some breathing room.


Solange adds a lot more volume for this red carpet look, but less gravity-defying curls as she chose a wig that falls on her shoulders. The look is a romantic one with soft wispy curls.


Similarly, solange sticks with a shoulder gracing ‘fro, but here she opts for small defined ringlets. She shows a little more of her face by keeping the bang above the brow, which is a great approach for people who get easily annoyed by hair in their face.


 Finally, the song writer dons a lighter bang with only a few chunky curls decorating her forehead just above the brow.

Solange has tasted the rainbow of afro bangs, from chunky all in your face curls to a delicate light sprinkle of tress. Which look is your favorite?

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