The Fulani Up Do, Who does it best?

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Alright, DIYer Antonia is back in the ring creating a look she’s never tried before! Braiding those quintessential Fulani forward-facing side braids, um help! Will our DIYer crash and burn as she faces the champ, professional stylist Mellissa, who’s bringing allllll the DRAMA with mega long “brists” (braids that end as twists). Armed with fully moisturized braid outs created with the help of oyin handmade’s moisture-rich line, our pro and amateur face off. Ultimately you’ll decide… who did it best? Weigh in in the comments!

Start with a braid out created with:

  • oh my glide! Pre-styling detangler
  • hair dew moisturizing leave-in
  • shine & define gentle styling serum

Special thanks to oyin handmade. Check out their amazing products.

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