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We’ve all experienced it – we go to a salon knowing full well what style we want, but somewhere along the way, things take a turn for the worse and you realize that your new hairstyle doesn’t really suit the shape of your face, or that your fringe is too short. Sometimes, it doesn’t even help that you’ve followed all the tips and told your stylist exactly what you want, and even brought a photo to base the style on; they get the cut right, but it’s really just not for you. When this happens, we’re often left to think that there’s not much else we can do but to simply accept it, and wear our cutest hat until the style grows out.

Luckily, thanks to improvements in mobile technology, this problem might soon be one of the past. The growing mobile movement has made it so there is now an app for just about anything and anyone, and people now use their phones more often than they do their computers. According to reports published by the operators of Free Bingo Hunter, players were thrice as likely to play games and access information on their phones than on their computers, and studies by Search Engine Watch echoed the sentiment, saying that mobile internet usage exceeded PC internet usage in early 2014. With such a clear shift towards mobile phone usage, we’re now seeing many developers create apps that address problems we otherwise have had to simply accept, like the occasional hairstyle horror.


InStyle Magazine is just one of the thousands of publications that have seen the worth of launching mobile-optimized content, but they’ve certainly set the bar high for other beauty brands, successfully launching their Hairstyle Try-On app for Apple devices. In essence, the app is a hairstyle catalog that you can browse for some of the hottest celebrity styles. But it adds a great functionality as well: the option to try the hairstyles out on your own photo. It’s rather simple and easy to use as well. Users upload their photos into the app, select a hairstyle from the list presented, and then watch as the hairstyle is applied to their photo. They can then fine-tune that hairstyle with touch controls, and adjust the length and volume of the hair, creating even their own hairstyles in the process. Not sure where to even start? The app can automatically detect the shape of your face and suggest hairstyles based on that as well. The premium service comes with a catalogue of hairstyles that are regularly updated, with editor’s picks and personalized recommendations as well.


The app is a great way to actually see the styles you want on your own face, but remember that it’s not a cure-all. The app doesn’t take into account hair texture and growing patterns, so be sure to consult with your stylist if the style suits you anyway!

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