The Twist Out, Who does it best?

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Who can create the perfect twist out — YouTuber and everyone’s natural hair bestie Jirah or our professional stylist Mellissa? The two go head-to-head creating uber moisturized twist outs thanks to oyin handmade’s moisture focused line of products. Enjoy this must-watch versus as we ask the universe’s most important questions like, do perm rods help your twist out or can you skip ‘em? How about drying over night like Jirah vs under the dryer like Mellissa does with Emily? Can a twist out on a loser curl pattern look just as great as one on curlier hair? Watch and weigh-in! Which look do you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Products used:

  • oh my glide! pre-styling detangler
  • hair dew moisturizing leave-in
  • shine & define gentle styling serum

Special thanks to oyin handmade. Check out their amazing products.

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