3 statement accessories to pair with pulled back hair

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We’ve looked at what to wear with pulled back hair, how to salvage a scruffy pony tail and the face forward makeup looks that take a pony tail or bun from simple to stand out. Finally, we’re taking a look at the accessories you can rock when sporting this relatively neat hair style. Check out the three statement accessories that give your pone or bun a little bit of a punch.

Furry or Super Long Scarves

If you’re facing the Polar Vortext, like a good portion of the US population, chances are you’re wrapped up in one of these anyway. Add a little extra snuggle with a furry scarf or create a million layers around your neck with an extra long scarf that will give the Vortext a run for its money.


Bling a Little

There’s nothing like a bit of ice in the winter, ice on your ears that is. Chunky stud diamond earrings (real or faux) are a great way to create an upper crust chic look with slicked back hair. Or go for something more boho with a delicate pair that dangles.


Let’s Bring Chokers Back

Any girl of the 90s had at least one suede or lace choker, pendant included, that she wrapped around her neck back in the days of Clueless and Fresh Prince. What better way to take a trip down memory lane than with a modern take on the choker. We spotted this jewel at the Mara Hoffman Fall 2014 show and are in love with its smooth lines, geometric detail and its overall strong solid gold vibe.


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