Top Five Styles To Rock While Transitioning

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Do you dream of a head full of natural and healthy curls but not quite ready to chop off those admittedly pesky relaxed ends? Known as the transitional girl’s dilemma, the primary stages of your natural hair journey can be incredibly frustrating, confusing and sometimes even torturous. Suffer no more! The staff of un’ruly has compiled the top five natural hair styles for your transitioning unruly tresses. Hair-health conscious yet trendy, these featured hairstyles will leave you looking your best while supporting growth and providing protection to ensure strong, luscious locks.

The Twist n Curl


A perfect style for any length, the twist n curl is the go to for naturals and those still in transition alike. Accomplished with a simple, two strand twist followed by a curl rod roller set, this versatile do can be easily styled and is flawlessly wearable for days at a time.

Check out how YouTube Vlogger, Fusions of Culture masters her Twist N Curl in this helpful tutorial.


Looking for incredible bounce with a tight spring? No problem! Achieve this look by carefully applying rods (measuring less than an inch in diameter) to moisturized hair, remembering to part off hair in small sections before setting for at least 10 hours.

Pin it up! Twist N Curls are versatile.  A quick up-do held together with coated hair pins is ideal for those craving a bit more length before donning loose locks. With a simple twist at the back of the head and a swift ruffling of curls, this edgy yet charming do can be yours.



An oldie but a goody, the cornrow is an all time favorite for its low maintenance upkeep and superb anti-breakage protection. Whether you are aiming for a “ghetto fabulous” or bohemian chic look, this popular classic is a winner. Un’ruly tip: remain cautious of too tightly braided cornrows, as it can cause breakage, especially around the edges. Castor oil is a great treatment to avoid breaking edges.

Senegalese Twists & Box Braids

05152013_Extensions_Senegalese Twist_Turban

Last summer’s monster comeback hits, the Senegalese twists and box braid make their encore appearances as season stunners with the help of the stylish Knowles sisters and countless street hairanistas everywhere. Sure bets for styling transitioning hair, both styles offer versatility (curls, buns, etc.) and anti-breakage protection (tied ends), a dream for transitioning locks everywhere! Un’ruly tip: while we love the look of long flowing twists/braids, one should always ensure that the amount of hair used to braid with your own is of the same weight. Thick and waist long braids/twists are beautiful but is a style best to be paired with voluminous, strong and natural hair. Rationing is key.

Full Set Weaves

05152013_JoanSmalls_Extensions_Full Sew In_Bang

Popular among naturals and those in transition, a full set weave offers braided protection for your own hair and a no fuss look as coverage to boot. Whether you decide to opt for a forgiving bang or an invisible part, this weaving technique will keep your tresses away from harm with the possibility of substantial growth. Un’ruly tip: never go without washing hair, while wearing a weave and be sure to remember your own hair and its own needs.

Bantu Knot


A 90s favorite, the Bantu Knot provides ultimate protection, moisture retention and when loosened offers a loose, voluminous curl. Achieved by parting off moisturized hair in to medium or large sections, followed by a quick rolled twist, the Bantu Knot is a stylish do that never fails to impress! Check out YouTube Vlogger, Napturals85 as she explains how it’s done!


Whether you are bravely rebelling against societal norms, respectably embracing your afro centricity – or simply choosing to be 100% you, looking on point is key! Take your transitional journey to the next level with these five trendy yet protective styles and we promise you’ll never look back.

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