Top Hair Bloggers by Texture: Find Your Match

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– Charmaine Griffin, Contributor

For some, the idea of breaking down hair by texture is an overwhelming task. From 3a to 4c, hair texture has been either a point of contention or a moment of praise in the natural hair world. Breaking hair down by texture narrows down which products work best on our hair or even styling options.

To make it easier we have done the heavy lifting for you. Here is a list of some of the top hair bloggers by texture ranging from 3a to 4c and relaxed hair. Once you find your hair twin, you can thank us later.

3A Hair

Charmaine Daudu is a newly ginger mama of one.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with an eclectic upbringing from Barbados, England, and Montserrat. This free-spirited beauty is full of positive vibes, bright colors, and joy. She shares her go-to products and styling options for 3a hair and if you recently colored your hair, she’s a go-to for keeping your curls healthy.

Kelly Shahbazian of Joy Before Her is a pro at creating thick full curls with her loosely curly 3a hair. She jet sets between Detroit, Philadelphia, and New York sharing her love for exploring, fashion, and beauty. She is a fan of some of our favorite products like Ouidad, Shea Moisture, and Camille Rose so you’ll find plenty of product reviews on her page.

Alba Ramos is a mother, wife, beauty guru and a big fan of all-natural beauty products. This upstate New York native is all about products that are non-toxic, vegan, and full of yummy ingredients for her 3a curls that you don’t have to question whether it’s good for your hair or not.

3B Hair

Belizian gyal Joyjah is literally a natural ray of sunshine. Her freckled face and gingery brown curls make you want to travel to the islands for the weekend. She shares her big curly hair routine for 3b curls and is famous for her battle of the curly hair products videos.

Ashley Bloomfield is best known by her followers as LipsticknCurls. With over 250,000 subbies and nearly 300,000 Instagram followers, she’s a fan favorite. This LA-based natural fearlessly try’s protective styles, healthy straightening, and fun wash-and-gos to give variety to her 3b curls.

The London born Nia Pettitt is formally known as FroGirlGinny, but after big chopping her hair this past year she now goes by Nia The Light. She shares how to maintain short 3b curls with love. But don’t worry, she still has all her videos of her golden curls up if you also need tips for maintaining long curls.

3C Hair

Kenzey Cooper is a Florida native who grew up in Oregon. She openly shares her natural hair journey from short damaged hair to luscious, thick 3c curls. Her journey is the perfect reference if you are looking for tips to motivate you on your healthy hair journey.

If you have thick shoulder length 3c curls, Curl Daze has you covered. New York native Robyn Bowen is a new mommy who juggles married life, curls and blogging effortlessly. She shares her regime for going from the gym, running mommy errands, and date night.

Jess Gamble is one of the reigning queens of hairstyling. This 21-year-old 3c textured beauty has been on her natural hair journey for a couple of years and is already making waves in the natural hair world. She’s best known for super creative hairstyles that are simple and easy.

4A Hair

Cape Verde islands born Brigete’s thick kinky-curls are showcased on her Instagram page where she mixes her love for fitness with her love for her curls. She has tons of quick hair care tutorials to choose from for 4a textured hair from wash-and-go’s too quick protective styles.

A hair chameleon in her own right Chime Edwards can turn her 4a curls in short fun kinks or long goddess-like waves. As a Mississippi native, she shares hairstyles, growth tips, and methods for protecting your hair no matter where you go to get waist length kinky-curls like hers.

With nearly half a million YouTube subbies, the love for Jaelah Majette’s 4a curls is here to stay. Calling Norfolk, Virginia home, she shares haircare tutorials with a big personality. She also throws in some awesome makeup looks and tips for juggling life as a new mom.

4B Hair

Jamaican born in America, Naptural 85 is possibly the most famous top blogger on our list. Just shy of one million followers, Whitney White is a natural hair guru who started her journey back in 2008. She’s best known for her wash-and-go tutorials and DIY hair products videos.

This New York-based diva Courtney Danielle is known in the blogging world as CurlsandCouture. She shares videos that showcase her famous twist-outs using all the popular natural products. This diva is also a traveler who shows us how to glam up 4b curls whether blown out or an up-do.

Born in North Carolina vlogger Daye La Soul shows us how to keep 4b hair healthy while still keeping it fun with protective styles and pops of color. She frequently updates her look with vibrantly ombre wigs that we love!

4c Hair

Nigerian beauty enthusiast, Temitope Adesina or Naturally Temi, is a melanated goddess who rocks a luscious crown of 4c kinks. Known for her high puffs and chunky braid-outs, she shares quick tutorial videos on her page so that you can achieve her same look.

St.Louis model, photographer, and 4c naturalista, Krysta Knight’s thick coils prove that shrinkage is a superpower. She is best known for healthy silk press tutorials. You’ll also find tons of awesome tips and tricks to keeping your hair moisturized on her page.

Blogger and entrepreneur, Ijeoma Kola, is a pro at transforming short length 4c hair.  Her page showcases her coils in wigs, weaves, braids, and other fun protective styles. Her how-to videos show us how to keep our coils long, healthy, and moisturized throughout the day.


Relaxed Hair

Who says relaxed hair can’t be healthy? Georgia born Dyamond Myne of So Fresh Dyamond waist length hair proves that it’s possible, even when you are a busy mom and wife. If you are trying to grow long healthy relaxed hair like hers, her page offers protective styles to stretch your relaxers.

Jazzie Jae T  is a blogger is most well known for her protective styling with long flowy wigs. She has an entire section of her YouTube channel dedicated to her wash day routine for her relaxed hair along with tips to keep her hair full and healthy.

Canadian blogger Valeria, founder of Hairlicious Inc., blogs about her journey in maintaining healthy waist length relaxed hair. From her journey to damaged relaxed hair in 2008 to healthy mid-back length hair, she shares her regime, top products, and everyday hair maintenance tutorials

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