Six Transitioning Hairstyles for Short Hair

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By: Vivian Ige, Contributor

Hey Beautiful Transitioners! You may be loving or struggling with your hair right now. We know that transitioning from relaxed to natural hair can very much be a trial-and-error process. We also know that feeling comfortable with your new texture has a lot to do with finding a hairstyle that makes you feel ‘bomb-dot-com,’ which may not be easy if you’re transitioning with short relaxed hair. So we’ve rounded up six hairstyles that might work for you!

Twist Out on Transitioning Hair

Every natural or transitioner should master the twist out. It’s one of those staple styles that always come in handy (if you have the time to do it). For transitioners it’s a great way to blend your to textures, especially with the help of perm rods. Using perm rods at the ends of the twists ensure that your hair is curly from root to tip. Also the length of your hair shouldn’t really present a challenge with a twist out, as some people can twist hair as short as an inch. Enjoy the fabulous video above by BelievahDahDivah who laments about some of his twist out challenges but shares what he does differently to get his perfect twist out.

Perm Rod Set

Vlogger Living with Lori creates a tapered TWA (teeny weeny afro) look using perm and flexi rods. What’s key when curling short hair is finding curlers that suit your length. Lori has a tapered cut so she used tiny perm rods at the back of her hair, slightly big perm rods toward the middle of her hair and finally flexi rods at the top.  Do this on washed, conditioned and moisturized hair. Air dry or blow dry to set the curls. Take out the curlers then style. Lori separates each of her curls once while twisting them around her fingers at the same time (see the 5:30 minute mark).

Bantu Knot Out on Short Transitioning Hair

Bantu knots are such a nice way to blend your two textures and can be achieved through the Liquid, Oil and Cream (LOC) Method. I found that sometimes I could secure the knots with a bobby pin to set the shape. Bantu knots are also a great protective style if you feel comfortable wearing them without taking them out. Once the style sets and dries, you’ll have a nice set of spiral curls.

Vlogger PrettieMajor shows us how she puts her long transitioning hair into bantu knots. She essentially starts with freshly washed hair, parts and detangles, adds product, then twists, rolls and secures each knot. She lets the knots set overnight, then unravels them. The same approach can be applied to short transitioning hair.

When it comes to styling your fresh short curls, we love Bianca Charisma’s pin-up look.

Finger Coils

Fingercoils can help you get really defined coils as your hair returns to its natural state and they’re perfect for really short hair. You can use a setting lotion, leave-in or a gel with nice hold to aid in this style. This is one of those styles that are very easy to achieve. Sometimes when I’m doing these types of styles on my hair I just listen to some music or watch TV to pass the time. Use a handheld mirror to check out how the style looks as you go. Finger coils can definitely be worn for multiple days and the older the hair, the more voluminous.

Clip-Ins On Short Hair

Everyone transitions for a different reasons. If embracing your texture and learning how to do your own hair is one of them, you may want to skip clip-ins. But if not, you may want to give them a try. They’re a great way to take a break from the highs and lows that often come with transitioning. Vlogger Chantelle Bonsall uses Kinky Coarse clip-ins by KRSHairGroup. And clips them right in without braiding her hair first. Transitioning hair may be especially suited for clip-ins, given the thicker natural texture at the root adds some extra resistance for the clips to hold onto.

Crotchet Braids/Wigs

Crochet Braids Guide

I think most people have heard of the big crochet braids trend. It’s so amazing how many styles can be achieved from just a crochet hook and cornrows. We’ve created a thorough guide with everything you need to know about crochet braids. In addition to rocking realistic looking textures, you can create box braids, twists and locs from crocheting. The styles that once took us several hours to complete now just take a couple! A lot of hairstylists can cornrow hair as long as it’s over an inch but if your hair is extremely short then a wig might be your best bet if you’re looking to take a break from your hair. (Learn the essentials about rocking wigs). Just make sure you still moisturize your hair everyday!

As you’re transitioning, a great thing to keep in mind is that this is your hair and you can express yourself in anyway you feel. Have fun re-creating one or all of these styles!

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