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By un’ruly contributor: Chadette Maragh

The feather extension has slowly but surely found its way to being a popular style trend.  Made popular in 2011 by celebrities such as singers Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha and legendary rocker Steven Tyler, this edgy hair accessory has become the go-to choice for hair-nistas everywhere (and rightfully so)! To help you get in on the fun we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts of buying, installing, and removing feather hair extensions.


Use The Right Tools

While they may sound a bit intimidating – especially in comparison to clip ons – feather extension hooks and pliers are great tools that provide protection against snags and pulls during the application process. Specifically designed to apply and remove feathers without disturbing the cuticle, these stylist-approved tools supply a great technique to ensure hair safety and proper hair maintenance.



Stay in the Cruelty-Free Feather Zone

While we are huge fans of authentic feathers for their lustrous shine and impressive versatility, we also acknowledge the cruelty endured by animals for the sake of beauty. During the trend’s climb in popularity, the rooster population (a common source of feather extensions) suffered greatly due to the high demand of feathers. Instead, we suggest purchasing synthetic feathers, especially if little to no heat is applied during your daily hair styling routine.

Pre-Plan! It’s Key!

Your hair’s health should always come first! Before applying feathers we highly recommend premeditating the look you would like to achieve to avoid excessive pulling on the hair, which is likely.


Install on Wet Hair!

To avoid painful snags and loss of hair, never apply or remove feathers or beads while hair is wet, as hair is incredibly fragile in this state. Always ensure that your hair is completely dry and thoroughly moisturized to prevent future breakage.

Use Heat or Synthetic Feathers

While feather extensions are praised for their ability to style as desired, many believe the same is true for their synthetic counterparts. Made of a plastic based substance and dyed to achieve a similar appearance, synthetic feathers have the potential to melt and tangle your own strands once under heat.


Weigh Down

During the application process, beware of pairing strands of hair with heavy beading. To avert thin or damaged hair, always couple enough of your own hair to balance off the weight of beads to ensure a smooth application.

All in all, when applying and removing feather hair extensions your hair’s health should be priority number one.  Invest in the right tools, moisturize thoroughly and ration your strands accordingly to achieve a stylish and snag-free look!

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