Trending in Hair Care: Flaxseed Gel, Itchy Braids and Hair Hacks

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Much ado about hair, so little time to wade through it all. We’ve pulled out the hair ‘pieces’ (see what we did there) that are picking up steam in the blogosphere. 

1. DIY Flaxseed Gel

For those who want to “create an all-natural hair gel that is free of any damaging alcohols, silicone, and reminds you of pure paradise,” the ladies at Naturally Curly have a great and fun-looking Flaxseed Gel how-to. Check it out here.

2. 10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks

We’re BIG proponents of keeping hair care simple (see: Simple Natural Hair Regimens), so of course BLGH’s piece on natural hair care shortcuts caught our eye. From what to do when you run out of conditioner to using a brown paper bag and T-Shirt to finish rolling your hair, Portia at Black Girl with Long Hair, gives us “10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks.”


3. The Reason Why Braiding Hair Makes You Itch Like Crazy

Oh the head pat! Find a girl with braids or a weave, and you’ll also find a girl patting her head to satiate her scalp’s periodic itching. We’ve all known that itching is a widely shared hair experience but now we can know why. Ariane at Black Naps has unraveled the ‘mystery’ and shares what you can do about it.

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