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– by Un’ruly Contributor Chadette Maragh

Spring-ter is here, meaning those who live in places with four season are in that awkward period between Winter and Spring where it’s warm but not warm enough to where tank tops and skirts, yet cold but not cold enough to pull out the furs. So how’s a girl supposed to tackle this hot/cold weather medley? One way to do it, especially paying particular attention to your mane, is with hats of course.

Whether sharply styled or in a disheveled disarray, a hat can be your hair’s protection against spring-ter’s unpredictable temperatures! From luxe trappers and ornate beanies to colorful knits and animalistic designs, headgear can easily be added to your look for warmth or taken off on those days when the sun decides to surprise everyone with extra rays. Check out our best of the season picks.

the globetrotter

Sly like Michael with Indiana Jones’s weakness for adventure, the highly popularized fedora epitomizes effortless chic and vagabond charm.


Clockwise: Side swept locks create enviable body. A low ponytail and fedora make an impressively no fuss pair. Mirrored detailing adds a little something extra! Suede and leather create a two tone love affair.

03022014_Rachael Mosey_WinterHats_Fedora_Burgandy_LeatherRibbon_NYFW2014_StreetStyle

Compliment tousled waves with a curved fedora brim for angled perfection.

the renegade

Free yourself from the mundane and get carried away with the more unusual: leather detailed berets to jazz infused porkpies and everything else in between.


Leather details lend an edgy sophistication to the classic beret.


An accented derby provides a winning element for a clean, sporty finish.


Spruce up neutrals with a jewel toned floppy hat.


Clockwise: Feline ears this season are quite the cat’s meow! The celebrated porkpie hat jazzes up the simplest of looks. Embody timeless elegance with a lightly adorned, bucket hat. Take your fashion sense to new heights with the infamous Vivienne Westwood “Mountain/Pharell hat!”

the urbanite

An embodiment of street chic, the beanie adds a sense of solidarity to downtown girls everywhere!


Clockwise: Elevate your beanie style with a propped tip. Channel your inner diva with pearl and crystal accents. Bold sunnies paired with an ivory beanie create a fun, pop art look! Spring into style with a warm florescent hue.

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