Chadette Maragh

  • #TeamUnruly
Assoc. Editor / New York

Chemical nazi. Heat cheat. Silk sheet sleeper. Hair pin hoarder. Winter wig wearer. Haircut addict. Moisturize, seal and repeat junkie. Hair care fundamentals 101? Alcohol belongs in a glass, shaken, not stirred and most importantly, not in my hairspray! – Cheers!


A crazed afficianado for all artistically inclined, hair care enthusiast, Chadette Maragh curates the must haves (and have nots) for the un-ruly woman in us all. Beginning her career as an intern at Preston Bailey Designs, she cultivated her digital savvy as the Senior Social Media and Newsletter Design Intern, providing extensive editorial and web assistance. Continuing her passion for lifestyle publishing, she went on to write for men’s wedding site, IAmStaggered, LLC and covered fashion, food and travel for author, Brenda Della Casa’s online magazine, Walking Barefoot. Always a believer in building one’s craft, Chadette spends her free time on the prowl for what’s next in beauty and design.