Twitter and Insta Take On Salon Problems

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The internet has a funny way of connecting us over shared woes and dramas, so we scoured Twitter and Insta to find the funniest and most relatable salon problems…

When you think of the salon what words come to mind? A late stylist, color gone wrong or just too much gossip? Yes, we’ve all had those salon experiences that are… less than pleasurable. That’s not to say we don’t have positive experiences–leaving the salon with a fresh new look, vibing with other women and just taking a moment to yourself. Shout out to all the stylists who make the salon experience a dream.

Salon Problem #1 Being left under the dryer for too long
Has my stylist forgotten about me? I’m definitely falling asleep over here. 

Salon Problem #2 When your stylist works on you and two other clients at the same time – and sometimes the client is themselves

I want to be the only one… 



Salon Problem #3 When doing your hair is an all day process

Don’t make any other plans 



Salon Problem #4 When the stylist is running late or when other clients are late and this holds all of us up

Does making an appointment mean absolutely nothing? 



Salon Problem #5 When they’re braiding too tightly

I’ve lost all feeling in my scalp 

Check out why you shouldn’t be in pain when getting your hair braided.

Salon Problem #6 Asking for a trim and getting a big chop

I’m crying inside… 



Salon Problem #7 Asking for one thing and getting another

Who’s that looking back at me in the mirror? 

Salon Problem #8 Scalp and ear burns

I’m cringing inside, but for some reason I can’t say anything


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Kristen Bingle
Kristen Bingle

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