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In 2009 CEO Chana Ginelle Ewing created an event series called “Michelle O Brunch” or MOB, which highlighted Black female leaders, being built on the idea that celebrating the genius iconic Black women within our community could empower all of us. She had this same idea when founding Geenie Box, a subscription box that shares the stories of iconic Black women, funneling their#BlackGirlMagic through to its subscribers, encouraging them to pursue their dreams no matter what.

Geenie Box Items Collective

Geenie Box retails for $29.95 per month, a pretty good deal, considering what you get. According to the Geenie Box website:

Geenie Box is a gift from our featured Geenie to you – members discover and receive new books, lifestyles products, and exclusive experiences each month when they receive the Box. Every Box is valued at at least $150!

A while ago, I had the pleasure of receiving March’s) Geenie Box, which was curated by Lauren Maillian, and it had lots of goodies inside! The box included a complimentary Apollo Theater Young Patrons 2 Month Membership, a Gold Travel Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio, Estate Grey Organic Tea by SoRen Tea, a Black Girl Magic notebook by Effie’s Paper, and “The Path Redefined:Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms” by Lauren Maillian.

The box contains an inspiring note from that month’s curator and Geenie Box’s CEO and provide’s a description of the box’s contents.

Effie’s Paper Black Girl Magic Notebook

I was automatically sold on this notebook as soon as I saw “Black girl Magic” on the cover. The soft leather notebook is from Effie’s Paper, which is founded by lawyer, designer, and lifestyle guru Kalyn Johnson Chandler. It’s a nice black matte, travel-sized journal that reminds you how amazing you are every time you need to jot something down. #BlackGirlMagic !! I take this journal everywhere!

Brooklyn Candle Studio Soy Candle

The Brooklyn Candle Studio was founded by Tamara Mayne, and her candles are stocked in 218 shops internationally. Even though this candle is only 4 oz., it packs a very light, relaxing, and pleasant scent. The scent I received was Green Tea Lemongrass, and it smells amazing! The candle is organic, and it contains orange Valencia, bergamot tea, plum wine, jasmine flowers, violet flowers, lavender flowers. It’s a great travel-size candle, but the candle’s scent will fill a room! The candle also has a really calming glow to it when lit. Overall, this Brooklyn Candle Studio Green Tea Lemongrass candle is so cozy and relaxing, I’m tempted to purchase more of them!


SoRen Tea Luxury Estate Grey

Now, my sister and I are avid tea drinkers, so I was really excited when I saw this fancy tea box. Earl Grey is one of my favorite types of tea, so when I found out that the SoRen tea is a twist of Earl Grey, I was ecstatic! The Estate Grey tea has several tones of bergamot and black tea, with a touch of french vanilla. It’s loose leaf, so you’ll have to measure out and steep the leaves in a steeper, but I didn’t mind it. I even thought the leaves of the tea were really pretty; there are blue leaves in the tea. I’m not too happy about the 4 oz. size because I pretty much drink tea every day, so this amount would go fast, but I’ll suffice. I would love to look into the other flavors and types of teas the SoRen offers. I also learned that SoRen Tea is a company owned by sisters Sonnia Shields and Rena Williams! All of their teas are blended with rich and bold flavors, and I could completely taste that in the Estate Tea!

Soren Tea


Apollo Young Patrons Membership (2 month subscription)

With this two-month membership, you can get exclusive access to the historic venue’s live performances, any professional and social events, and you can even volunteer. However, a membership to the Apollo Young Patrons is only open to people between the ages of 21 and 40, and these members have to agree to an annual donation of $250. The last event was the Young Patrons Panel with Apollo Theater Board of Directors.

The Path Redefined by Lauren Maillian


I haven’t gotten a chance to finish reading Lauren’s book, but so far, I like what I have read! One of the biggest themes in her book is about not pushing or climbing over your colleagues to get where you want to be. She emphasizes how we can rise to our own full potentials and tackle any challenges that may come our way with confidence and enthusiasm. The book also shows readers how to achieve the highest levels of success and satisfaction in business and in life by tapping into the essence of what makes you, you! She believes that we can all be able to reach the pinnacle of your work and personal lives in a faster, efficient, and more independently than you have ever imagined. Bias discusses her lessons learned and the tactics that allowed her to rocket to top of her three careers, a successful business owner, a venture capitalist, and a startup advisor! She reassures you that it is okay to embrace failure and to learn from your mistakes.

As a future college graduate, I found this book to be very inspiring and encouraging. Sometimes for college students and graduates, we get frustrated with being unable to get hired or even find work that allows us to use our potential. This a a fantastically encouraging book to read.

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