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 – by Antonia

Back in my advertising days I had the privilege of working with the lovely Thaïs Lima. At the time she was a super accomplished creative director but since left advertising to start her own fashion line. I was super excited when she reached out recently to share her fall look book and her collaboration with model Ify Jones, who herself owns her own hair line. With Thaïs being based in New York, I could immediately see the City’s rigid yet strong influence on her designs.  The dresses are almost monolithic in shape, while color and geometric prints are used at times to add excitement. Thaïs says the line is for city girls who can easily take simple pieces like hers and make them their own.

I learned more about the inspiration for the line, what it was like launching a fashion brand and of course we talked hair.

Tell me about your line! What inspired it?

The line was inspired by my personal experience with fashion and a desire to create clothes that allow women to express their personalities in an effortless manner. I am a pretty quiet person, and I see fashion as a way to communicate who I am without having to say a word. I think it’s a very liberating way to express yourself.

Photographer: Rodrigo Maltchique. // Model: Ify Jones, Fenton Moon. // Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Oliver, Wilhelmina.

What type of girl is the line for?

I am inspired by the pace of life in big cities and the women who live in them, I think they have a unique type of toughness that I find beautiful. While aiming for high impact, my designs are also very realistic and practical. They’re meant to be appropriated by these strong urban women and to amplify their own unique personalities.

You seem to have a thing for geometry and skirts. Is this intentional or do they make their way subconsciously into your designs?

I think my appreciation for minimalism and geometric lines comes from my background in architecture. The university I went to was an iconic pole for modernist architecture in Brazil, starting with the building itself: giant planes of raw concrete, interspersed with wide open spaces. That environment taught me to appreciate simple, clean shapes, and the raw nature of materials.


Fashion design is a hard industry to get into. How has it been starting up so far?

Looking back I think it was a good thing to dive into the fashion industry without knowing too much. It allowed me to focus on developing my own identity as a designer, borrowing from the references I had from my background in architecture and graphic design. I won’t pretend that it has been a breeze; everyone knows it’s difficult to start a business. I just take it one step at a time.

Fashion Designer Thaïs Lima
Fashion Designer Thaïs Lima

What’s been the hardest part?

Learning how to run a business, i.e. crunching numbers, making schedules and following the rigorous industry calendar.

Tell us about your fall look book. What inspired the creative direction?

The collection was inspired primarily by urban textures, with a touch of sci­fi influences. The creative direction of the lookbook was a collaboration with photographer Rodrigo Maltchique. He quickly understood the spirit of the woman I design for and built upon it. The cinematic lighting and red backdrop created a dramatic mood that, combined with a slightly robotic body language, resulted in powerful images with a surreal quality.


How did you meet Ify Jones, the model featured in your look book?

Through her agency. Her book stood out to us for her ability to embody the tough beauty of the urban woman.

You mentioned the shoot was a collaboration. What did Ify bring to the table?

Her knowledge of the beauty industry was an added bonus. Ify worked closely with the hair/makeup artist Tiffany Oliver, to create the hair styles that best translated our creative concept. She also brought in her own wigs.

Who decided on the hair styles featured?

It was a collaborative effort that started with the creative concept and evolved as the model and hair stylist brought in their expertise.


How was the high pony tail look achieved?

The wig used had a full cap that kept it in place while allowing malleability. A hairband was secured at the hairline, with invisible clips, to conceal the elastic band.

Speaking of high pony tails, Ify is the founder of weaveonwigs.com; does she have any tips for wearing a high pony tail when you have on a weave or wigs?

Some of WOW’s’ wigs are specially designed for versatility, like the Kimberly, which we used for the high pony style.

Finally, where can we get your clothes?!

The Fall/Winter 2014 collection will be available late July in boutiques around New York City and shipping worldwide via modernistastore.com.

To learn more about Thaïs Lima, visit ThaisLima.com.

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