un’ruly digest #10: october ’13

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of this month’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: the money issue

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel subjected to money versus in control of it. But there are ways to get out from underneath the thumb of financial dissonance and get on top of your money. Read the full letter.



how to manage your money and get motivated to save

Early in life I learned that it is possible to have everything you want. The key, of course, is having a little patience and coming up with a plan.


working girl: casey johnson

For Casey Johnson, marrying a love of film and social media led her to a fulfilling career at the Bushwick Film Festival.


working girl: marcie cleary

Ever considered a career in entertainment law? Meet this week’s “Working Girl” Marcie Cleary.


you can touch my hair, a short film

We’re proud to bring you a final look at the fascination with black hair. Watch the film now.


black son, an essay

If I were to have a Black son, I imagine him to be the complexion of brown sugar, with features of his dad and tendencies of his grandfather.


october: watch, read, listen, do

The return of SCANDAL, money-making hobbies and THE Electric Lady herself are just some of the things we were excited about this month.



ask an expert: how frequently should weave be used as a protective style?

Jolene asks: Can protective styling be to much of a good thing?

ask an expert: workout hairstyles while transitioning

I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural hair! Are there any hairstyle options when working out and trying to stay in shape?




FreeTress Equal Lace Front Wig - Amerie

product review: freetress equal synthetic lace front wig – amerie

With a wig you can literally style your hair in one minute or less. One of the staples in my rotation is the Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig in Amerie. Learn what I and the Web thinks about this bone straight hair style in a box.



green hair don’t care! (video)

Un’ruly contributor, L’Rai Mensah talks about her decision to go GREEN and shares some important tips to keep in mind before taking the plunge into color.

look of day

We dedicate each week to a style we love.  October brought Work Chic, Power Women, Hair-o-Ween and Twist Out Babes.  Explore the looks below.


work chic

Where some see drudgery and routine, we see another arena to flex your style muscles. Looking like a Fortune 500 CEO is a look anyone achieve no matter your pay grade.



Last year a few of our favorite hair vloggers put together a video collaboration where they each created a Hair-o-Ween costume. Check out the videos.


twist out babes

The twist out is a popular staple in the natural hair community. So we took a look at this classic and all the different ways it can be worn.


power women

Since Beyoncé made it clear that girls run the world, we dedicated two weeks to women who are doing some major moving and shaking.

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