un’ruly digest #12: december ’13

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of last month’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

From the editor: reflection

Another year, another quickly arriving December and hence another moment to look back at what has happened since the year began.

… It’s fun to look back because where we’ve been acts as an indicator of where we’re going. Yesterday and today are ingredients for tomorrow.  And looking at Un’ruly’s yesterday and today, we’re excited for what’s to come! Read the full letter.


what i learned from mandela

Yesterday, when I heard Nelson Mandela died, I felt not one drop of sadness. Instead I thought, this is the way a life should end.

In December, the founders of Un’ruly shared their Working Girl stories.

working girl: antonia opiah

After quitting a successful career in advertising to move to Paris and launch Un-ruly.com, Antonia Opiah revels in the small, everyday confirmations that she’s right where she is meant to be…

working girl: abigail opiah

Behind every great man or woman is an even greater publicist. The business of creating and shaping public perception is Working Girl, Abigail Opiah’s passion…

what we can all learn from a hair guru

We all make resolutions at the start of each year, but we don’t always follow through. Natural hair super star Taren Guy shares how she made 2013 a year to remember and what we can do to “grow forward.”

beyoncé’s new album, our club-banger picks

The world woke up to Beyoncé mania today. Find out what’s great about King Bey’s new album, our three chart topping picks and what exciting cameos you’ll find!


ask the expert: i’m 52 and want to color my hair hot pink!

Hair Expert and Pantene Pro-V celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble takes on a reader’s burning pink hair question. Read more…

ask the expert: any tips for growing my hair in a dry climate?

I live in Montana where there is very little humidity and it seems my hair is always screaming for moisture. Do you have any suggestions for helping my hair grow?

ask the expert: any product suggestions to help thicken my natural hair?

Pantene Pro-V celebrity hairstylist and expert, Kim Kimble is back to answer another reader’s hair question this month! Read more…


hair story: best celebrity hair, 2013

We looked to the stars for hairspiration this year, among other places. And have picked the 10 celebrities that really stood out. Find out who made the list.

holiday hair, 2013

The holidays are here, which means holiday parties are in play. For those not sure of how to spruce up their look for Yuletide festivities, we’ve got you covered.

five lazy day looks we love

We all have days when we want to skip all the primping and polishing but don’t want to look like total bums. I took a look at some of my favorite starlets for ways to be comfortable yet chic without much effort.

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