un’ruly digest #13: january ’14

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of January’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: the many shades of black

Black has so much meaning in present day because we weren’t Black until we left Africa. This whole year we’ll be exploring the various meanings of Black given it’s more a social construct vs a race. Read the full letter here.



the changing business of black hair

Black hair is potentially a $500 billion dollar industry that in recent years has been significantly effected by the growing switch to natural hair. Find out what’s stayed the same and what’s changed.


working girls: yam & yar

Sisters Yaminah and Yarminiah take materials that at first glance seem unworthy of anyone’s attention and transform them into beautiful jewelry that graces the ears of necks of women world wide.


working girl: meki adefris

Meki Adefris was your typical beauty junkie until she turned a passion and robust knowledge of makeup and hair products into a business that recognizes how unique every woman is and thus how unique her melange of beauty products needs to be.


un’ruly life: 14 days of salads (part 1)

To kick the year off right, for two weeks I’m eating a salad for one of my daily three squares. Here’s how the first week went.


introducing: un’covered

This month we’re kicking off “Un’covered” by highlighting women of color that are shaking up popular media. Find out who’s on our radar.



combing natural hair

In 2013 I only combed my hair once; it was after I had straightened it for the first time since being natural. I found myself wondering, do I even need to comb my hair when it’s not straightened?


spend less time on your hair, simple natural hair regimens

Really, how natural is natural hair if we’re spending an unnatural amount of time doing it? Check out a few regimens that keep natural hair care simple.


give your shine a boost with an oil rinse (video)

Oil rinsing is an easy way to increase moisture, softness and shine in your hair. Find out what it’s all about.


big chop: learning to live without hair

For Rai, cutting her hair is “about using your crown to express where you are emotionally, mentally and sometimes spiritually.” Find out what else she had to consider before snipping off all her locks.


the basics of moisturizing natural hair

There’s TONS of information about moisturizing hair. But we wanted to get down to the basic of moisture and natural hair.



product review: carol’s daughter transitioning kit

Carol’s Daughter makes transitioning easy with three products designed to support hair during a transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. Find out what to expect.


product review: miss jessie’s curly butter crème

Known for its hit or miss reputation among naturals, the self proclaimed daily moisturizer has worked miracles for some and played out as nightmares for others. Find out if it’s worth buying.



hair story: black fashionistas

This week we’re taking a look at women of color with stand-out style and of course how their hair plays into their style. Meet our favorites.


the afro bang

There are several ways to switch up an afro, but one of our favorites is with a little bit of a bang. Take a look at the various way you can wear a bang with your ‘fro, courtesy of Miss Solange Knowles.


must do winter ‘do: the bowl cut

The world seems to have a love hate relationship with the bowl cut. But for this winter we’re 100% loving it. Find out how you can rock this daring look.

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