un’ruly digest #15: march ’14

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of March’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: the beauty of choice

We’re taught that we shouldn’t look to other people to validate or affirm ourselves, including our appearance. But so much about beauty is a matter of how people respond to you…

This month at Un’ruly we’re all about beauty, specifically the idea of self-fashioning and constructing/expressing your visual identity. We’ll be taking a look at whether natural hair is here to stay, and under our larger exploration of the Many Shades of Black, we’ll learn about the skin lightening craze outside of America.  Read the full letter.



skin bleaching: who’s the fairest of them all?

Is skin bleaching simply a form of self-fashioning and constructing one’s own physical identity or are there really deeper motives at play?


relaxers won’t be around for long

I see the demise of relaxers. The caustic chemical treatments that straighten kinky hair will fall as natural hair solidifies its place as a staple and not a fad in the Black hair world…


working girl: monica watkins–model, philanthropist, filmmaker

They say beauty is only skin deep. Who might know this better than Monica Watkins, who’s been modeling since the age of 15 but has found a deeper fulfillment in giving back to those in need.


working girl: ashunta sheriff, makeup artist

Find out how celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff went from Ricky’s to having her own makeup line at QVC. And also learn her go to way for removing toxins from your skin.


discuss: can curly and straight hair co-exist?

Big, thick, poofy hair is permeating the bone straight images we’re used to seeing, but does that mean the end of straight hair?


what the baoulé taught me about beauty

We’re told to look inside a person to find their appeal. But what does that really mean? My trip to the Branly Museum gave me an alternative way of interpreting this tried and true saying.


un’ruly life: london, off the beaten path

I recently hoped on the Eurostar for a 2.5 hour ride from Paris to London. It still amazes just how close these two famous yet very different cities are.



13 travel tips for natural hair

In a country where kinky hair is rare, I was able to not only continue to take care of my hair, but also gain some length!


braids & twists 101

Braids and twists are so hot right now. Get a quick refresher course on how to properly install, care and remove this show stopping hair style.


how can i prevent thinning hair on a six month old?

The hair on the back of my 6-month-old’s head is always knotted and frizzy. It’s starting to break off leaving very thin hair. What can I do to help prevent this and better moisturize his hair?

the ends of my hair have curled up and become dry. what should i do?

I’m a teenage boy with straight hair. After washing my hair one day the ends have curled up and become dry. What should I do?

should i seek professional help for broken hair?

With all the hair info available on the net, is seeking out professional help worthwhile?



product review: curlkit

Incredibly convenient and shockingly affordable, CurlKit has made its mark as a worthy contender in the recent upsurge of hair care subscription services.


product review: curlbox

You’ve heard about CurlBox but haven’t yet tried it. Find out what the web is saying about this subscription box for naturalistas.



hair story: lupita nyong’o

Lupita is showing us just how versatile a teeny weeny afro can be, even adding a few clip-ins when necessary. And she’s also showing us how big we can dream.


trending: kinky, curly weaves and wigs

Big curly hair is all the rage whether you’re relaxed or natural. Find out who’s wearing this look, how to wear it and where to get the locks.


on the street london: catherine

It was hard to miss Catherine at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Her hat and coat took me back to those A Different World days. Check out her look and the other great hair we spotted in London.


straight & curly: afrobella (video)

Blogger Patrice Yursik straightened her hair to celebrate “our ability to change, to make decisions, to be beautiful on our own terms without judgment or fear.” But did she stick with the look? Read her story and see other hair influencers who rock straight and curly tresses.


best of award season: tika’s goddess braid (video)

There are two ways to recreate Tika Sumpter’s red carpet look. One’s a little easier than the other. Check them out inside and see our other 2014 red carpet favs.

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