un’ruly digest #16: april ’14

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of April’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: can we get much higher

This isn’t about Kanye’s Dark Fantasy. This is about our dreams and who we think we can be. To me life is all about growing and blooming, just like flowers do, except unlike a flower, it’s not always clear when a person has fully blossomed, which is why we should always ask ourselves, “Can we get much higher?” Can we go further? Can we be better? …Thus we’re dedicating this month to Black possibility. Read the full letter.



why nigeria’s economic potential matters

Knowing what you can be and where you can go is in and of itself a mandate to get going.


discuss: what’s holding you back?

There are times when you feel stuck, like you’re just not growing… Sometimes in order to move forward it’s necessary to “kill your babies.”


gone but not forgotten: domineque & karyn

We at Un’ruly would like to take the time to acknowledge two influential women for their activism in celebrating and promoting Black beauty.


working girl: taamrat amaize, brand strategist

When a person’s on the dating scene, subconsciously or consciously they’re thinking things like: What’s going to make someone not only take notice of me, but remember me? That’s branding.


working girl: xosha roquemore, actor

Given the high risk/high reward nature of the entertainment industry, it takes nerves of steel, patience and unwavering commitment to break in, let alone leave a mark.


black hair in paris: polished hair care salon

This one’s for fellow expats who have yet to find a Salon in Paris that they trust or for those thinking about starting a business abroad!


black hair in paris: champagne & cheveux

It’s been over a year since I moved to Paris and I’m finally starting to discover the Black hair products and Services that are available here! Check out what I’ve learned so far.

An African City's characters. From left to right: Zanaib, Ngozi, Nana, Makena, Sade.

un’covered: an african city

Meet the new Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and and Miranda. The style, success and girl talk will ring a bell. But this new web series a cut from a different cloth.



how long can your hair grow?

“She has good hair, that’s why it’s long.” We’ve all heard those statements before. Let me get this out of the way and say, “everyone’s hair grows.”

Dafina Corporate Headshot - Cropped

ask an expert: what can i do to strengthen my edges?

Find out how what products may help nurture your edges back to health after years of tight weaves and braids.


ask an expert: what hairstyles can someone with thin fine hair rock?

I really love being natural; it’s just for me! But I can’t do certain hairstyles because of my lack of thickness.


ask an expert: what products will keep my 4C hair moisturized?

What are the best products to the keep my 4C hair moisturized?



product review: majestic tresses malaysian kinky curly

Channel your inner afro-diva with Majestic Tresses’ Malaysian Kinky Curly hair for show-stopping volume and length!


product review: royal imex, hollywood virgin remy

Royal Imex’s Hollywood Virgin Remy gives you a straight, thick and bouncy look in several different colors and seems to get better with every wash.



hair story: tracee ellis ross

Who knew hair icon Tracee Ellis Ross experienced the inevitable ups and downs of any typical hair journey before achieving a sense of self acceptance and love.


hair story: melanie paris-arum

For years Melanie has been able to make subtle changes with her hair, while maintaining a professional appearance and training for marathons.


So you went natural three years ago and you’re stressed out about detangling, split ends and dry hair. Here’s an idea: why not big chop again?

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