un’ruly digest #2: february ’13

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from the editor: the past in the present

This month we’ll be taking a look at the history of black hair, how it’s evolved and the women, like Miss Diana Ross, that have influenced it’s evolution. Read the full letter.



do i hate my hair? understanding its history

In America black hair is not just hair. There’s a larger historical weight that comes with the way we style our hair. In this article, I finally attempt to answer the big question.


working girl: talia parkinson

Meet Emmy Award-Winning television producer, Talia Parkinson of the Wendy Williams Show.


baby mama, a story about love

You meet a man. You haven’t met a man in a while. He has a child. And that child has a mother…


beyonce bowl: the halftime show according to twitter

As soon as she took to the stage the Twittersphere took to ‘tweetin’. Here’s the very best of the Twitterswphere after #hurricanebeyonce took New Orleans.


february: watch, read, see, listen, do

Although February is a short month, there’s no shortage of things to watch, read, see, listen to and do (#WRSLD). Check out our February round-up.



ask an expert: what products can I buy for thinning hair?

What products can I buy for thinning hair and what are tips to help boost hair growth?

ask an expert: 5 tips to fabulous hair

This month’s expert stylist, Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist, LaVette Slater, is back and this time with 5 tips to fabulous hair.

ask an expert: how do i stop dandruff?

For the first installment of our Expert Q&A, we enlisted the help of, Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist, LaVette Slater to answer a “flaky” question we received from one of our readers.



hair story: xosha roquemore

For this month’s “Hair Story” we caught up with actress, Xosha Roquemore (Precious, Price Check) and journeyed through a brief oral history of her ever-changing hairstyles over the years as told by the actress herself.


2013 brit awards

Although Fall 2013 London Fashion Week is over, celebs across the pond had another the reason to get glammed up: The 2013 Brit Awards and the red carpet was full of high-fashion looks.


on the street: lisa

Lisa is a ray of sunshine with her blonde petite curly mane and complimentary fur collar. Her red lip stick adds a little more burst to her radiance.


on the street: two little curls

We love all the various shapes and sizes natural hair can come in. We spotted Yuriy & Michelle (respectively) with their small manes of curls–similar look but different textures.

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