un’ruly digest #22: october ’14

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of October’s stories in case you missed any. Enjoy!

from the editor: eat!

Some of my bests memories are made breaking bread with people I care about. Food is a way culture comes to life and can be experienced. …Because food can be so much more than just nourishment, we’re including it in our exploration of the Many Shades of Black and will get various opinions on if there’s such thing as “Black food.” What’s more, we’ll have not one but two working girls who are both carving out their own niche in the food industry. And of course we’ll be taking a look at what foods are great for our hair! So get your appetites ready; this month should be scrumptious. Read the full letter.



black food: how what we eat connects us to where we’re from

I don’t know if there is such thing as White food but there is certainly such thing as Black food—as in food Black people eat. And it has a lot more depth to it than Urban Dictionary would make it seem.


working girl: vanessa cantave, chef

With a Haitian-American up-bringing and a culinary education at the French Culinary Institute, Vanessa’s environments have found their way into her cuisine, albeit subtly.


working girl: janette “puttie” clark, chef

Janette “Puttie” Clark transformed her life and body with food. After being laid off from her corporate job in 2012 she dedicated her newfound extra time to something she loved: cooking.


un’ruly life: avocado toast, #eatpretty

I’m taking this month’s food focus to kick-off a new series that I’ll post as inspired: #eatpretty.

yesterday we un’boxed

Product junkies from near and far came out to trade their didn’t-work-out-so-well products for their ooh-I-wanna-try-that products.



10 “superfoods” that are good for your hair and body

In the spirit of our food issue, we’re taking a look at foods that are said to help maintain a healthy head of hair and a healthy body.


is my hair permanently damaged?

The hair around the hairline and nape area can be very fragile. So prolonged use of weaves or added tension from braids can do damage.

what can I do to make my perm last longer?

It can be costly and possibly damaging to relax hair before 6 to 8 weeks. Try these tips…

what products and styles minimize shrinkage?

It’s important to keep in mind that shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair that has good elasticity…

is there a safe way to wear lace front wigs?

The dangers with attaching a lace wig with tape and/or glue is that if they are not removed with the proper solution, it will result in permanent hair loss to your edges…



product review: motions for natural textures – moisturizing cleanser & smoothing conditioner

“Like many, I’m a junkie for rich textured conditioners – so this one was a true winner. Why? because I like my mane to feel as if each strand is drinking its conditioner.”



hair story: helen lasichanh

There’s elegance in discretion, which may be part of what makes Helen Lasichanh, wife of singer/producer Pharrell Williams, so intriguing.

hair story: nicole barringer

Nicole Barringer has gone from super long hair to super short to long again and then medium length. See her looks and find out how she retains length.

on the scene: paris fashion week #tbt

Paris Fashion Week happened a few weeks and miraculously the sun decided to pop out while fashion’s glitterati descended on the City of Light.


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