Un’ruly Digest #24: December ’14

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of December’s stories in case you missed any. Enjoy!

from the editor: revolution

…every revolution had it’s detractors. Ending slavery didn’t happen through consensus nor did giving women the right to vote. Read the full letter.



working girl: christina coleman, writer

“I didn’t win any awards, didn’t receive any accolades for my coverage [of Ferguson] but it was such an amazing experience to ride that line between writer and activist and be in it with those fighting for a real change.”


working girl: tina opie, management professor

“What was surprising to me when I looked at the data was that it wasn’t they. It was us. Meaning, black people were most negative towards Afrocentric styles.” Find out what else Tina Opie has discovered in researching hair and identity.

un’ruly life: lessons I learned while baking cakes with my dad

Ever since I was a child, I remember watching my father combine ingredients in his mixer, carefully placing the batter into the cake pan and me smelling that amazing aroma around the house while the cakes were baking.



ask an expert: is it possible to reverse heat damage?

Heat damage is not reversible and for the most part just like split ends has to be cut off…

ask an expert: which hair oils are best suited for cold weather?

Heavier oils should be your go-to during the winter because of the dryer, cooler air…

ask an expert: i’m on the verge of giving into the creamy crack

I’m on the verge of giving into the creamy crack and living the easy life again. I love being natural its been four trying years. My struggles are frizz and dullness.



product review: shea moisture’s african black soap deep cleansing shampoo

With some users saying the shampoo smells like plantains, the ingredient list of Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo is sure to leave ingredient-sensitive shoppers happy.


product review: shea moisture’s coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie

“Even at the end of the day my hair still looked amazing!”



hair story: best celebrity hair of 2014

Team Un’ruly has once again hand picked its favorite celeb hair do’s of the year. Check out who our lovely contributors chose as 2014′s best hair styles.

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