un’ruly digest #5: may ’13

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of this month’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: the many faces of femininity

One of the reasons un’ruly was founded was to celebrate just how versatile hair can be. Black women tend to really take advantage of the various ways one can wear her hair. Read the full letter.



working girl: wayétu moore

Where would we be without the imagination of writers? This week, we’re inspired by one writer in particular. Meet Wayétu Moore…


working girl: desiree cormier

As a U.S. diplomat, meeting kings and foreign ministers is all in a day’s work for “Working Girl” Desiree Cormier. Learn more about her journey…


hair story: solange knowles

In ten years singer, song writer, DJ and mother Solange Knowles has carved out a niche in the fashion and music worlds and has shown us just how versatile her self-expression can be.


hair story: elyce cole

From relaxed to natural to relaxed and then natural again, learn how Elyce Cole’s hair choices affected her career as a model and how she feels about her hair today.


iyaniwura (mother is supreme)

Being a mother is a blessing. Mothers, appreciate your children, and children appreciate your mother.


black hair faqs (10 things non-blacks want to know)

In an effort to mitigate some of the awkward questions black women (and men) often get asked about their hair, we’ve created this list of top ten frequently asked black hair questions.


may: watch, read, see, listen, do

Stepping back into the 1920s, Rihanna’s 777 documentary & discovering the sounds of Billie Holiday are just some of our musings this month!



natural hair 101, getting started

New to natural hair or thinking about going natural? We’ve put everything you need to know about natural hair in one epic article.


how to: retain length on natural hair

Find out how to go from Big Chop to long locks in this 7 minute video.

Hadiiya barbel photo22

ask an expert: What’s the difference between various wig types on the market?

There are so many different types of wigs on the market these days; what would you say are the main differences between, say, a U-Shaped wig, closures, half wig, lace front, full lace wigs…?

ask an expert: any tips for finding the right wig?

What are some tips for finding the right wig (or crown) if budget isn’t an issue?



punk couture, the met gala 2013

Nicole Ritchie’s white Pompadour was our favorite look of the night. But find out who else caught our eye and check out our favorite candids from Instagram.


top five styles to rock while transitioning

So you’ve made the decision to go natural but opted-out of the Big Chop. Now what? We’ve got you covered. Find out our top picks of hair styles you can wear while transitioning.


trending: feather hair extensions dos & don’ts

Want to have fun with feathers? Check out our dos and don’ts of the emerging trend.

look of day

We dedicate each week to a style we love.  May brought us the twenties, punk fab, buns and high-top fades.  Explore the looks below.


roar like the twenties

During this age of dancing and Art Deco, a new type of woman emerged. Channel your inner flapper with looks from the twenties.


punk couture: lace, leather and flowers

An easy way to channel your inner badass is to accessorize with dark yet bold accessories. Find out what else you can do…


buns, buns, buns

Discover the many ways you can spruce up this classic look.


the high-top fade

The high-top fade is a look many of our Y-chromosone-carrying counterparts rocked avidly in the 1980s. Today, being the experimental and boundless women that we are, we’ve adopted the look and made it our own.



Shea moisture shampoo

product review: shea moisture’s raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo

Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo scores an undeniable overall “A” from myself and countless vloggers and bloggers alike, learn why.


product review: ojon restorative treatment plus

Having naturally dry, thirsty hair especially around my front edges, I’m always on the search for the latest miracle moisture potent. Check out my thoughts on Ojon Restorative Treatment Plus.


dry shampoo + black hair

Heard about dry shampoo but not quite sure what it is and if it’s right for you? We’ve got a quick run-down of the who’s and what’s of dry shampoo.


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