un’ruly digest #7: july ’13

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We know that Un’ruly readers are constantly on-the-go, so we’ve rounded up the best of this month’s stories in case you missed any.  Enjoy!

from the editor: declare your adulthood

In July we celebrate America’s independence, a cornerstone in a new nation’s pursuit of happiness. In that same spirit, we’re celebrating the pursuit of individual happiness, the act of declaring one’s adulthood and much more. Read the full letter.



film review: the butler

We CANNOT wait to see Lee Daniels’ latest and greatest, with Forest Whitaker, Oprah, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Mariah Carey making up the cast. Un’ruly Contributor, Frank Roberts, attended a private screening of the film. Find out what he thinks.


working girl: flora chigwedere

Ever wonder what it takes to achieve the perfect smile? Just ask London “Working Girl” Flora Chigwedere.


working girl: hapsatou sy

We’re continuing with our international edition of “Working Girl” with the gorgeous Hapsatou Sy! A Paris-based and highly-driven entrepreneur making waves in the beauty industry.

Jay Z_MagnaCarter

july: watch, read, see, listen, do

Jay-Z an Kanye West’s latest forms of self-expression and “The Defining Decade” are just some of the things we’re giddy about this month!



ask an expert: any solutions for a flaky scalp?

Lately, my scalp has been unusually flaky. I don’t think its dandruff and my scalp doesn’t feel irritated or itchy so I’m not sure what this condition might be. Are there any products I can use to get rid of the flakes and perhaps stop them from coming back?

ask an expert: which coloring sytstem is best for me?

I’ve never dyed my hair before, what type of coloring system is best for my first leap into color?


avoid the ‘poo! cowashing vs. no-poo (video)

Avoid shampoo altogether! Yep you heard that right. Learn new ways of getting your strands clean.


a directory to natural hairs oils

Ever wondered what purpose various natural hair oils serve? Read more to find out!



cannes we go back?

The Cannes Film Festival took place in May but we’re still day dreaming about the whimsy and glamour of it all.


Who said necklaces were only for your neckline? Check out our round up of the best tantalizing jewels for your tresses.

look of day

We dedicate each week to a style we love. July brought wraps, summer, jewels and patriotic hair colors.  Explore the looks below.


it’s a wrap

From exotic prints to bejeweled embellishments, the classic turban has made its comeback as one of the hottest looks of the season.


the best of summer

Our top hairstyles for summer.


hair jewelry

An easy way to switch up your up-do is to “throw” some sparkly stones or beading in it.



our colors don’t run

We’re rounding out the month with some atypical hair color choices, namely fantasy red, white and blue…


indique_pure_wavy_review_1product review: indique pure wavy

Indique’s wavy texture under its Pure line, is a low-maintenance versatile weave. “Out-of-the-box” it has a light wavy texture that’s perfect for creating summery or romantic looks. It’s also very easy to straighten or curl, leaving the possibilities of hair styles endless.


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