un’ruly life: mango salad with shrimp, #eatpretty

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– by Antonia

#eatpretty is an occasional post I publish as inspired. Here I share my attempts at recreating recipes from the many food bloggers I follow. I also share recreations of dishes that I encounter while eating out and recipes that I cook up on my own.

I got this idea from a nearby brasserie. I’m not sure if mangos are still in season (in the US, at least in Florida, I never used to have to worry about seasons) but if you can get your hands on a mango, try out this yummy easy to make salad.


  • The leafy green of your choice
  • Halved Campari tomatoes (slightly bigger than cherry tomatoes)
  • Thinly sliced cucumbers
  • One diced mango (just did a quick Google search and found out that Tommy Atkins mangos are available in the US at this time of the year)
  • Dressing: olive oil, lemon, salt, sesame seeds (optional)
  • Fresh shrimp


  • Mix your salad ingredients all together (dressing included).
  • Boil your shrimp until pink and salt to taste.
  • Plate and serve.

Bon app!

Love this? Share it!

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