must do winter ‘do: the bowl cut

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The world seems to have a love hate relationship with the bowl cut. But this winter we’re 100% loving it. The hair style got its name from the way it’s actually done: place a bowl over one’s head (to about ear length) and snip any strands below the bowl-line away. It’s a cheap and easy cut, which is why in some communities saw it as a sign of low standing.

We’re, however, loving the style for it’s simplicity and it’s edginess. It’s a masculine look but a stand out one. And there are tons of ways to pull it off.


Keep warm and mix the look with a little fur and leather like Will Smith mini-me, Willow Smith. This short hair style is great for wearing coats with high collars or wrapping your neck around with a big chunky scarf.


With no strands on your shoulders, you have plenty of room to fill that space with big statement jewelry like singer Kellis did at the 50th Grammy Awards back in 2008.

bowl_cut_glam_smallOn a similar note, refute those who can’t see this look beyond the Three Stooges and glam the look up with colored lips and gold jewelry. Also, play with the length of the style. Although it’s typically worn with hair bluntly cut to one length, the hair in the back can hang a little lower with a little angling of your sheers.


Hair accessories can still come into play with this cut. Get cute with a pink bandana or hair tie and matching lips.


If we’ve tempted you with the above, but you’re not ready to commit to a cut, check out this way to fake it.

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