work chic: side, center and off-center parts (straight hair)

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Where some see drudgery and routine, we see another arena to flex your style muscles. Looking like a Fortune 500 CEO is a look anyone achieve no matter your pay grade.  And a hair feature as simple as a part can help you do so.

Parted hair styles are simple styles that create an air of sophistication, elegance and a little severity when paired with sleek bone straight hair.


A center part tied into a sleek bun keeps distractions at bay and places emphasis on your jaw and neckline, leaving room to have fun with big collars.


A side-parted bun can be varied by keep the tie loose and letting a few strands hang free.


To loosening up even more, forget he bun or pony tail and let your hair down. This particular look is great for medium length hair or hair that can be kept off your shoulders.


And for our long-haired counterparts, why not let it all hang out with bluntly cut locks draping over a boldly colored power suit.

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