You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film

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Whether it’s 7-year old Tiana Parker getting sent home from school for wearing locs or Dante De Blasio’s afro being credited for giving his father a boost in the New York City mayoral race, Black hair is consistently subject to unsolicited fascination.  As the final extension of a bold public art exhibit held in New York City this summer, You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film takes a glimpse into this fascination and how black women, who are often its subjects, feel about it.

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  1. I remember wanting long luxurious hair. My sister and I would wrap
    scarves around our head and leave the tails loose. We would whip our
    heads back and forth as if the tails were our hair. Our hair is
    important and something to be proud of. Thank you for making this film.

  2. This is a great documentary! I think that it is a topic that still needs to be expounded upon. Ive had a intimate relationship with someone who wouldn’t touch my hair, because of the stigma that was associated with a black woman’s hair. I had to make it known, there is nothing wrong with touching my hair. You don’t even have to ask, especially with in a relationship. Another time, I’d even gotten in the shower, with no shower cap, and the look on his face was priceless, like don’t you need to put something over your hair. So even in the black community, adult men and women, are still learning about natural hair, and are puzzled, confused and even afraid to ask questions, or step out of the confounds of what media deems as beautiful and acceptable. Black women have made it knows “YOU CANT TOUCH MY HAIR”, that we are afraid to ask. Curiosity is natural, and you are naturally curious about things that are unknown.

    I went to middle and high school, in a predominantly white town, where the ratio of black girls were 1:20. Which meant the handful of black girls in the school had perms, and I was one of the few with curly natural hair, at 10. It was a question I was often asked and the answer was always the same. Yes, you can touch my hair. Especially if it will satisfy the natural urge and curiosity.

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